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what we do...
•  Cupcakes (plain icing)
•  Cupcakes (with little detail on icing)
•  Cupcakes (with figurines)
•  Poppy Seed cakes
•  Modern Christmas cakes
•  Red velvet cakes
•  Carrot cakes
•  Chocolate cakes
•  Vanilla sponge cakes
•  Tiramisu cakes
•  Chocolate almond torte
•  Lemon, lime and coconut cakes
•  Strawberry almond meringue cakes
•  Black forest cakes
•  Decadent cheesecakes

•  Banoffee pie
•  Granadilla brulee tart
•  Chocolate tart with seasonal berries
•  Sticky fudge caramel tart
Portuguese custard tarts
Chocolate éclairs
Honey nut pastries
Chocolate brownies
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